Managing Cashflow

A view of the future, Managing Cashflow

Managing your growth is all about ensuring you can support it through the working capital of the business.

You need to plan ahead, armed with as much financial information as possible – and this is where our cash flow modelling can help.
Working closely with you, we identify and analyse what you’ll need to support your growth outside of the trading working capital of the business. And then we can provide advice and support in raising any finance that may be required. Then we offer regular review meetings, to help ensure the business is following plan without worrying about running out of money, a common way a lot of growing businesses fail even when they are trading well.
Having gained a clear understanding of your plans and strategies, we use sophisticated modelling techniques to create an evolving vision of your working capital and financial requirements in the future. To ensure you get the most benefit from cash flow modelling, we repeat the process regularly.