About Us

At Ascott Blake, we pride ourselves on our understanding of our clients.

Whether a start-up, SME or Larger enterprise we at Ascott Blake understand the motivations and challenges in chasing growth. All businesses are driven by a vision and must be able to react quickly to seize the advantage in an ever evolving world. We thrive on giving our clients the platform to do exactly that. Not only by allowing them to focus on what they are good at but also advising what drives value. Whatever part of their lifecycle they are on, planning an exit or just starting up. We understand the different priorities at each stage of that lifecycle.

Our way of working with our clients is always personal and tailored to the vision of that business or individual. Whether starting up, moving through the all important SME world or preparing for a flotation. Ascott Blake will help and support you to thrive. Our priority is to always protect the interests of our clients and ensure that you get the most out of the world you have built.

At Ascott Blake, we are driven to break the stereotype of the typical accountants. We see ourselves as the “approachable accountants” not just the “number crunchers”. We hear so many times “this may be a silly question”. Our philosophy is that no question about your business is silly. We make sure all our clients feel we add value to their business and not just produce the numbers, without adding that value accountancy is just a commodity.

While being approachable Ascott Blake accepts nothing other than the highest standards on compliance, we have vast experience in all the complexities of the compliance, taxation, acquisition or sale at all stages of the business lifecycle and we provide a full range of services to cover all size businesses.